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The following is the cost of healthcare in Thailand based on the recent data.
-Heart Bypass surgery: 12000 to 22000 USD
-Breast implant:3500 USD
-Dental implant: 1720 USD
-Liposuction: 2500 to 3400 USD
-IVF treatment: 9100 USD
-Rhinoplasty: 3900 USD
-Hip replacement: 17000 USD
-Gastric Bypass: 16800 USD
-Facelift: 3300 to 6800 USD
-knee replacement: 10000 USD
-Medical checkup: 100 to 835 USD

-Rhinoplasty: 3900 USD
-Mastectomy: 9000 USD
-Lasik(2eyes): 2300 USD
-Coronal Angioplasty:4200 to 13200 USD
-Spinal fusion: 7000 USD
-Hysterectomy:3650 USD
-Maternity:2100 to 4150 USD
A patient has to pay more for the X-ray, blood test, doctor’s visit, and other medical tests. All the above costs may vary from one hospital to another hospital. It is an important one to know the list of top hospitals in Thailand which cover high-quality medical services which will help to schedule a visit accordingly. The healthcare costs are very low when compared to the US, Singapore, and other European countries. Patients who want to
undergo treatment in Thailand can send their details to a hospital for further evaluation. Most hospitals aim at fulfilling the expectations of patients with highly qualified physicians thereby showing ways for ensuring optimal results in a treatment process.

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